Concept Pak, Inc. is a leading packaging film brokerage firm, representing multiple world class film producers to national and regional converters, distributors, and end users.  Formed in 1994 with three regional offices, the partners utilize over 70 years of combined experience in the flexible packaging industry.  Through partnerships between customers and film manufacturers, Concept Pak aims to solve the ongoing demands of the industry.



Mission Statement:

...to provide flexible film alternatives to our valued customers in a way that:   

- takes advantage of our global contacts

-utilizes our extensive knowledge and expertise

...so that our customers remain competitive in meeting the ever changing demands of the flexible packaging industry




Concept Pak, Inc. represents leading producers of plain, coated, white cavitated, and metalized OPP,CPP, HDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, BIAX NYLON, PET, Coated PET lid stock, and other speciality film substrates.  We continually evaluate new film substrates to assist our customers with their film sourcing requirements.



Gene Flanagan

Gene Flanagan, the principal in Concept Pak's Northeast Regional Office, has been actively involved in the flexible packaging industry since 1980.  Gene has been active as a broker since 1993.  Accounts include converters, distributors, and national end users.  Prior to his current broker capacity, positions included National Sales Manager for Courtaulds Films, Inc., as well as Regional and Marketing assignments.  Prior to Courtaulds, Gene was introduced to the packaging industry with assignments on the West Coast and in the Southeast with Mobil Chemical Company's Plastic Packaging and Films Division.

Michael J. Shunick

Michael Shunick, the principal in Concept Pak's Southeast Regional office started in the flexible packaging industry in 1985.  Michael started his career with Olin Corporation/ Dupont Cellophane, which later became Flexel, Inc., where he held several Distribution and Sales positions, working extensively with converters, distributors, and end users.  He joined Courtaulds Films, Inc. in a regional sales position based in Atlanta before jointly starting Concept Pak, Inc. in 1996.

Tom Hawksworth

Tom Hawksworth, the principal in Concept Pak's Mid-Atlantic/ Midwest Region, began his career in the flexible packaging industry in 1971.  Tom held many sales, marketing, and management positions during his 24 years with Mobil Chemical Company's Plastic Packaging and Films Division.  With Mobil Chemical Company, Tom's experience involved OPP, Polyethylene, and Polystyrene packaging.  Tom also understands the needs of the flexible packaging converter, having run a mid size flexible packaging converter, before joining Concept Pak.